Director, 3D artist and animator

Sound design: Juan Pablo Egúsquiza

Mastering: Optional Ganesh

Experimental digital-landscape film.
Situated in a speculative world in which monuments are not longer allowed
and are strictly prohibited, this piece shows the last of them.

Tools: World Creator + Blender + After Effects

Monuments are symbols of civilization. It becomes a figure that conveys information showing us the past but also reminding us of the future.
In this Experimental piece, the last monument has a shape of a sphere, representing the core of civilization and the last standing against
I've been fascinated by the fact that I can create 3D landscapes and I have been exporing that possibility in the last couple of months. Much of the
work I do requires a lot of traveling, but the idea that I can create surreal and impossible landscapes with a 3D software that I can later on include
in my compositions, opens the spectrum of possibilities and assets I can play with. So far I've been creating 3D landscapes mainly for still images so
this was my first challenge to create a 'moving' image.

I use a software called "WORLD CREATOR" which is a realistic terrain and landscape generator to create this impossible landscapes.
It allows me to create any shape, add different regions and areas, and add textures such as 'erosion' or 'distortion' to make them look realistic.

My idea was to create a landscape that was flat in the center and surrounded by mountains. By having this shape, I was able to animate the camera
to go forward giving a sense of mistery while revealing the main object that was far ahead. My next step, was to import this landscape into "BLENDER",
where I would be able to apply realistic and generative texture of rocks, snow and fog over the terrain but also to create shapes, lightning and to animate
the camera.

Texturing, lightning and animating the camera is a process that requires a lot of experimentations and if you have fun with it then you can achieve
awesome results; however, is always good to set yourself some boundaries (in my case was having a due date) in order to actually finish your project.
I've been working in audiovisual projects for more than 10 years now and I really enjoy camera movements and the fact that I have total control
through a 3D software is just incredible. Blender is a free and open source 3D software and I recommend anyone to experiment with it.